TradeGuru, Inc is on a mission to empower people in local, social communities to trade and swap preowned goods to their benefit. We are transforming reseller marketplaces- from a status quo of unilateral advantage to the reseller to an empowered consumer trade and swap market.

Never again should consumers be ripped off by trading in their pre-owned goods to a reseller for a pittance, only to have them turn around and resell it at a huge profit. Our business model is not resell or commission based, but rather a per transaction fee for initiating a peer-to-peer social interaction within a user-defined geographic proximity, thereby allowing a trade or swap of pre-owned goods to occur among the peers. We believe in empowerling people to trade and swap a variety of pre-owned, portable goods with people to their advantage, not sell to resellers to their disadvantage.

Introducing GameSlam™
We Join gamers to gamers

Our first mobile app, GameSlam'", is the only proximity-based swap marketplace that allows gamers to get fair trade value from their pre-owned games. Developed by gamers for gamers, GameSlam connects gamers in their local communities to trade or swap pre-owned games. By joining our swap-based community, gamers can connect with others nearby who share their passion and finally get fair trade value for their pre-owned games.

It's time to hit reset. Sign up and download the Beta of the GameSlam'" app today.

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About Us

Axel Herr, Chief Executive Officer 

Axel is a highly acclaimed luminary of the Games Industry with over 25 years of experience at companies like Dell, SEGA, Konami, Nintendo, THQ, Codemasters and Bally Wulff Entertainment who serves on a variety of advisory boards of Game Developers.


With a generous background in technology businesses and software development, Axel joins TradeGuru after having lead the US expansion of the High-End Cloud Computing and IaaS provider ProfitBricks.


A great motivator and relationship builder with strong cross-cultural people skills, Axel is the perfect match as principal and champion of TradeGuru.

Mike Wehrs, Chairman of the Board

A highly respected executive leader and technology executive renowned for bringing innovative new technology solutions to mass-market adoption, Mike Wehrs offers a unique and sought-after blend of business acumen, deep technical understanding and strong leadership skills which have consistently driven impressive ROI.

Mike has overseen rapid growth in revenue, customers and strategic positioning by establishing worldclass partnerships and by working with industry groups to create robust and healthy ecosystems.

Mike is a pioneer in the mobile industry and a great compliment to the TradeGuru team.

Michael Roberts, Board Member & Co-Founder

Michael co-founded TradeGuru. Inc. in March of 2015 and currently acts as one of its 5 board members.

His vast experience throughout corporate America, combined with his many transferable skills, have proven to be invaluable to TradeGuru Inc. and GameSlam.

We have no doubt that TradeGuru apps, continuous improvement across business functions and stellar growth will continue in 2017 and beyond!

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